Finding Solutions & Sourcing Experts

Our leading-edge consultants are dedicated to building long-term relationships with clients. Our expertise makes us an agile provider of software solutions. We offer consulting services that prioritize performance, workflow, revenue and competitive advantage. Our mission is to cultivate intimate relationships where we discuss business challenges and goals in order to help clients achieve operational excellence.

Sourcing implementation experts

It’s a question of culture. Successful recruiting is about aligning candidates with individual corporate cultures. Drawing from our vast network of software developers, analysts and I.T. professionals, we follow a proprietary process to ensure a proper fit between clients and contract consultants. We attract top talent who want to work on projects that utilize their full skill set and leverage their industry knowledge. In technology recruiting, especially, it’s important to understand team dynamics and performance expectations for each contract. That’s what we do best. Both clients and candidates appreciate our discretion, with confidentiality guaranteed at every stage of the process.

"It takes a technology expert to find the best one for the job"
Bring out the best.

At BACC, we work with companies to improve their performance. Our team of corporate consultants is comprised of seasoned professionals who evaluate business structure, strategy, management and operations. They can address overall functioning of an organization or focus on specifics, such as management, IT and training. The goal is to update, refine and rework aspects of a company’s structure that require strengthening

"When consulting, it’s wise to take Voltaire’s advice and judge a man by his questions rather than his answers."
Developing Solutions for Success

Ours is a business of customization. For over a decade, we’ve created applications tailored to each client’s requirements for performance, security and transparency. Through close collaboration, we determine software solutions that accelerate business growth and maximize productivity. Our I.T. consulting services include network analysis, system integration and performance enhancement. Project execution is our specialty, with a philosophy that emphasises long-term working relationships.

"Business analysis, software analysis, quality assurance—we see them as essential components in building a successful outcome."