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Standardize the practice and better compliance.
A paperless solution for day-to-day business operations.
Spend your time selling and chasing more leads, less paper.
Better screening, chase less and collect faster.

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One single platform for a smarter way of doing real estate. DocEM saves you time, money and makes you handle your business like a real pro adhering to the highest standards in the industry.
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eForm, eSignature and IDV

Completely paperless, safe without compromising the identity of your clients. An easy way to access your forms, having them pre-populated and sign effortlessly. Verify the identity of your clients securely and remain compliant. Ensuring the security and integrity of real estate transactions by verifying the identity of individuals in a reliable and efficient manner.

Showing Management

Managing your showing without the need for additional tools. See your listings, showings, offers, and transactions from the same dashboard. Centralizing and automating the process of scheduling and managing property showings, enhancing efficiency, communication, and collaboration among stakeholders involved in the property transaction process.

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Offer Management

Streamline and automate the process of creating, submitting, tracking, and managing offers. A seamless workflow between you and the other agent to collaborate. Completely eliminates the need for constant uploading, downloading, and emailing. Enhance efficiency, transparency, collaboration, and compliance throughout the offer negotiation and acceptance process.

Transaction Management

Eliminate the duplication of entries. The initial offer between both agents automatically translates to a transaction specific to each brokerage. Offers secure storage, organization, and management of transaction documents, forms, contracts, and related paperwork. Integrates seamlessly with external systems and platforms to facilitate accounting, payment, and more.

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Rent Management

An easy way to sign your leases and verify the identity of your tenants. Manage your rent and collect payments more efficiently.